Pakse Language Centre

English Language Program

ARDA Language Centre has been operating in Pakse since 2007. It is relocated to a newer facility behind Champasak Stadium since January 2016. This centre has a very new and modern office block. It has 8 classrooms with internet facilities. Our goal is to prepare students for academic and professional success at school, university and at their individual job level. We do this by striving to help our students achieve their very best. ARDA Pakse offers students an unique experience to learn English in a friendly environment that is conducive to learning. For the last few years, ARDA Pakse has been providing exceptional service to our students to immerse themselves in English. Our student-centred learning system enables students to achieve maximum results. Currently we have 7 English language teachers and 325 students. 

Course Term Starts Term Ends Registration Fee Tuition Fee Total Fees
Term 1 - 2017
(16 weeks)
30 January, 2017 24 May, 2017 160,000 Kip ($20) 1,750,000 Kip ($215) 1,910,000 Kip ($235)
Summer Term - 2017 (5 weeks) 26 June, 2017 28 July, 2017 160,000 Kip ($20) 730,000 Kip ($90) 890,000 Kip ($110)
Term 2 - 2017
(16 weeks)
21 August, 2017 15 December, 2017 160,000 Kip ($20) 1,750,000 Kip ($215) 1,910,000 Kip ($235)

Lao Language Program

Apart from English we also offer Lao language classes to expats and tourists interested to learn the Lao language. Our experienced Lao teachers immerse the students not only with learning the language but also the culture and traditions to gain maximum experience of Laos. We have 3 Lao language teachers and 25 students.

Lao Language Classes – by appointment

One on one Lao language lessons @ ARDA: 60,000 Kip per hour

Two students together @ ARDA: 90,000 kip per hour

Group Study (3-5 students) @ ARDA: 160,000 kip per hour

We also have motorbike parking space with a bike guard to watch over, and a great lounge area for students to use.

In Pakse, visit us here: